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Group survey
Answer the first 20 questions with SA (strongly agree), A (agree), U (undecided), D (disagee), or SD (strongly disagree).

1. I received an adequate orientation when I joined the group.

2. I believe the group members know the group's purpose.

3. I believe the group members know what we should leave to the staff.

4. The group has a good feel for what we should be doing.

5. The group members know the changing needs of those we serve.

6. We  recently have discussed with our leader what counts as success for the group.

7. We understand the conflicting forces that affect our leader.

8. We evaluate our leader in terms of the group's success and not on the basis of his/her style.

9. We work hard to make sure every member of the group is heard.

10. I have a good feeling about how the group chooses its leaders.

11. We do a good job developing leaders within the group.

12. We coach our leaders.

13. We use our time efficiently.

14. We drag our feet.

15. We act in haste.

16. Every member of the group adds value to the group.

17. We regularly evaluate ourselves individually and as a group.

18. We get good advice from those we hire to advise us, e.g., attorney, auditor, architect

19. No member of the group insists on always getting his/her own way.

20. We understand what our group is supposed to be doing and for whom it exists.

21. If I could change just one thing about this group it would be:
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